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Cello Sight Reading Book 1

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Cello Sight Reading Book…

Graded cello sightreading exercises, including tips on improving sightreading technique. Book 1 includes 50 short melodies and covers grades 1 to 5.

Cat No. OUP385004
Supplier Code 9780193850040
Price Price: POA
ComposerDoreen Smith
CategoryCello Sight-reading
PublisherOUP - Oxford University Press
SeriesCello Sightreading (Doreen Smith)
Difficulty level1 - 5
ISBN 978-0-19-385004-0
ISBN-10 0-19-385004-4
EAN-13 9780193850040
Weight 104 grams
Published 6th January 2005
Availability P.O.A.
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