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A Guide to the Violin - Book 1

Published 1st August 2007
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Cat No. JVBVB001
Price £12.95
ComposerJohn Binks
CategoriesViolin Solo
Violin Tutor
PublisherMel Bay Music Ltd
SeriesJVB Finger Placements

This is a brand new Method to using the Violin, making learning the Violin instrument much easier and more fun which is good for the students and great for the teachers. This book includes the unique JVB Finger Placements that fit Violin sizes: ¼, ½ and full size.

This product will aid the learning process for Violin students and beginners alike. Accompanied with its own tuition book which contains music, learning tips and exercises. Covers G, D, A and E Major.

[As seen on BBC2's Dragon's Den]

32 printed pages.

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