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The ABC's of Bass - Book 2 (Developing Student)

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The ABC's of Bass - Book…
ISBN 978-0-8258-5275-6
ISBN-10 0-8258-5275-7
(EAN-13 9780825852756)
Weight 95 grams
Published 20th October 2008
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Cat No. CFABC27
Supplier Code ABC27
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ComposerJanice Tucker Rhoda
CategoriesTeaching Methods
Double Bass Tutor
PublisherCarl Fischer
SeriesABCs of Bass
Syllabus infoTrinity College London: Bowed Strings & Harp 2016-2019   (until Dec 2019)  

Double Bass - grade 2

This bass method is designed for the developing student of any age. Filled with simple exercises and a fresh approach for study that is gradual, logical and thorough.

ABCs of Bass for the Developing Student Book 2 strives to bring the student: Impeccable intonation, Accurate reading, Solid bow technique, Expressive vibrato, Correct posture, Beautiful tone quality, Steady rhythm, and Artistic phrasing With over 50 melodies including classical and popular repertoire and original tunes by Rhoda.

This book is a fun way to develop your skills on the bass!

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